• Comedy in hamilton

    Hamilton’s Local Comedy Scene

    Hamilton’s artistic scenes are booming – from music to visual arts, and fashion to food, we’re brimming with talent. One creative pocket that I don’t think gets enough attention is Hamilton’s comedy scene. We have a tight-knit, supportive, and hilarious comedy scene that I’ve been able to connect with through my travels….

  • Answer the Call: Hamilton Heritage Sites

    Many roads from wars past converge in Hamilton. The city has an abundance of sites connected to significant military events. For anyone interested in history, these come alive again through the stories they tell and the memories they honour. Throughout the week services will be held throughout the city in…

  • It happens here! 6 awesomely unique, only-in-Hamilton things to do, see and taste

    Ask any Hamiltonian and they will tell you that their hometown is one of a kind. And that’s a fact. The city is like no other and can back up that claim by offering a roster of things available only here and nowhere else – more reasons to visit, stay…

  • Apple Festival

    Hamilton’s vibrant past – where history lives on

    Hamilton’s historical roots run deep. Though it became a city officially in 1846, records show that it had a small population in 1816 and prior to that it was occupied by the Chonnonton, an Iroquois-speaking nation. Thankfully, a wide range of sites available today allows us to experience memorable chapters…