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Bounded by the picturesque southern shores of Lake Ontario and the lush landscape of the Niagara Escarpment, Hamilton offers incredible access to conservation and recreation lands. The city offers a surprising natural playground for cyclists, hikers, boaters and other outdoor adventurers. More than 100 waterfalls can be found off wooded trails just minutes from the downtown core alongside several world-class outdoor family attractions.

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Waterfall Walks

Waterfall Wonders

Experience waterfalls, scenic vistas, Carolinian forests and the natural beauty of the Niagara Escarpment on a two-day or five-day Bruce Trail Waterfall Walk. Led by an experienced guide, you’ll see a total of 19 stunning waterfalls on the 25-kilometre, two-day hike and 28 waterfalls on the 45-kilometre, five-day hike. Visit ourtruenature.ca/trip-ideas/waterfall-wonders for 2014 Bruce Trail Waterfall Walks dates and book your trip today.

Hamilton’s captivating collection of over 100 waterfalls offers hikers endless options for day hikes that put these stunners front and centre. Go to hamiltonwaterfalls.geotrail.ca for package details.

  • Webster’s Falls Walk 8 km / 3 hrs
    • Highlights: a 22-metre curtain waterfall, historic family burial site and a cobblestone bridge crossing Spencer Creek
  • Scenic Iroquoia Walk 3.7 km / 1.25 hrs
    • Highlights: 7 waterfalls, including Scenic Falls, a 20-metre ribbon cascade, and Princess Falls, which is particularly magical in the winter when it freezes
  • Great Smokey Hollow Walk 10.2 km / 3.5 hrs
    • Highlights: Great Falls, a terraced, ribbon falls, 10 metres high and 5 metres wide, and Upper Cascade Falls
  • Felker’s Falls and East Mountain Waterfall Walk 4 km / 1 hr
    • Highlights: Felker’s Falls, a 22-metre ribbon waterfall, from above and below as well as Glendale Falls, and Buttermilk Falls

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