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Tara Nolan Tara Nolan is a Dundas-based freelance writer with a passion for exploring the outdoors. Tara loves to write about mountain biking, gardening and other active pursuits for a variety of print and online publications. Follow her on Twitter @thattaranolan and Instagram @tara_e. Her blog The Outdoor Explorer reveals Hamilton’s stunning outdoor spaces, from nature trails and waterfalls to conservation areas, farms and gardens. Whether you want to walk, hike, bike or paddle, discover where to seek out your next outdoor adventure – all minutes from the city’s core.


Frootogo apple wagon

Fresh from the Farm – Where to Pick-Your-Own Fall Treats in Hamilton

As the harvest season draws to a close, fall’s last sweet treats—apples and pears—are ripe and ready for picking. Local pumpkin patches are also open, allowing families to choose the perfect jack-o’-lantern-worthy pumpkin.

Hamilton’s Hottest Hiking Trails

Whether you’re hiking in time for spring blooms or the changing of the fall leaves, keep this list handy to help guide your Hamilton trails adventure.


Where to get your winter adventure on in Hamilton

We spend the whole summer “putting things on ice” and then when winter arrives, many of us shy away from the cold and hide indoors.

RBG event - close up of cocktail and appetizers with garden in background

5 reasons to visit the RBG’s new Rock Garden

How have the Royal Botanical Garden’s Rock Garden in Hamilton changed after it’s $20 million rejuvenation?

Pier 8 skating - Tara Nolan

Lace Up Your Skates at an Outdoor Rink in Hamilton

There is something that is just so Canadian about skating outside. You must add an outdoor skate to your winter list of to-dos.


Spectacular Fall Hikes in Hamilton

There is no shortage of fall hiking options in and around Hamilton, and now’s the time to see the leaves before they start to fall!



Strike a Pose: Take an Outdoor Yoga Class in Hamilton

Whether you’re a local or a tourist who happens to be in town, there are a few places to unfurl your mat and partake in a yoga class around Hamilton. And many of them are free!


Tree Swallow

Where to Flock to Bird Watch in Hamilton

Don’t scan around with the binoculars, look in the direction you want and then lift them to your face,” suggests birder Peter Thoem, as I search about for a bird. Us Hamiltonians are fortunate to live in a mecca of avian activity. One theme that runs through our entire morning is the benefit of living on the edge of Lake Ontario, especially Hamilton Harbour and Cootes Paradise, which offer protection.


SoBi it! Take Advantage of Hamilton’s New Bike Share Program

“I’ve been wanting to try one of those, how does it work?” asked a man interestedly, as I locked up my SoBi bike the other day. I inadvertently launched into salesperson mode, extolling the virtues of Hamilton’s newest bike share program – not because I work for Hamilton Bike Share, but because I genuinely enjoyed my first experience exploring the city on the rented bike.



Discover the Raw Beauty of Hamilton’s Frozen Waterfalls

Hamilton is home to over 100 waterfalls earning the city the title “Waterfall Capital of the World.” The changing seasons alter their appearance in striking ways, making Hamilton’s waterfalls some of the city’s most photographed subjects.

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